NRV - the multi-burner system

Characteristics of the NRV multi-burner system

  • Multiple burners connected in series to form a heating section
  • Especially suitable for low rooms or narrow passage heaters
  • Heating sections can be individually combined
  • Individual adaptation to the building geometry is possible
  • Low-noise operation
  • Sections can be controlled individually
  • Gas burner with optimised flame guide
  • Gas burner with a controlled system; blower support in the vacuum range
  • Automatic differential pressure safety cut-off, ionisation flame monitoring, operating status display and timed relay
  • Burner mounted above the steel pipe
  • Operation is possible independent of ambient air
  • Combined exhaust gas ventilator with a temperature lock
  • Mirror-finished stainless steel reflectors
  • Customised moulded parts for redirecting individual sections or for integrating multiple sections
  • Extra thin and slim design for reduced shadowing (greenhouses)