AR - the standard system

Characteristics of the AR standard system

  • Gas burner with a controlled system; blower support in the vacuum range
  • Automatic differential pressure safety cut-off, ionisation flame monitoring and operating status display
  • Operation is possible independent of ambient air
  • Parallel steel pipes with baffle bends for a uniform temperature distribution over the entire length of the device for the AR 13, AR 22, AR 35, AR 40, AR 50 types
  • Linearly arranged radiant pipe: AR13 HB, AR 22 HB, AR 40 HB, AR 50 HB types
  • Stainless steel burner pipe depending on the model
  • Calorised pipes for increasing the infrared percentage and corrosion protection
  • Induced-draught ventilator with a temperature lock
  • Adjustable control butterfly valve for combined exhaust gas systems
  • Mirror-finished stainless steel reflector
  • Alternative for reduced requirements: Aluminium reflectors
  • Brackets for roof or wall mounting
  • Low-noise operation due to the special burner
  • Stainless steel turbulators for optimising radiation efficiency
  • Reflector terminal caps made of stainless steel to increase the infrared percentage