Waste heat recovery


  • The waste heat recovery unit, called O.P.U.S. X, forms the basic component in the hybrid system H.Y.B.R.I.D., which combines energy-saving space heating technology and usage of waste energy to heat neighbouring office or staff areas
  • Clear reduction of boiler running costs (under optimal conditions even its omission).
  • Prolonged life-time of boiler (depreciation period)
  • Short depreciation period due to enormous energy savings
  • Extremely high combustion efficiency of the radiant heating system up to well above 100%
  • Especially user-friendly owing to fully automatically operating pumps, safety bypass valves and feed-in control
  • Utmost operation safety due to stainless steel components and multiple-redundant safety system
  • Optimal energy usage due to high quality insulation of fuel gas and water pipings as well as intelligent controlling
  • Flexible: for newly built buildings or retrofitting

Modell O.P.U.S. X – Standard

heat transmitter

heat transmitter from flue gas to water with safety bypass  

heat transfer medium


heat storage tank

hot water tank