Cable lengths

Power supply and cable lengths

Maximum cable lengths for Kübler systems are specified in the following tables. A maximum voltage drop of 1% in the feed cable for the Kübler control unit and a maximum voltage drop of 3% in the cable between the control unit and the heater have been assumed in order not to exceed the total voltage drop of 4% according to VDE 0100, Part 520, and Paragraph 525.

Feeding cable to R.O.S.S.Y® and control panel, respectively

Zuleitung zu R.O.S.S.Y

Feeding cable for models AR + Optima
Individual flueing

Feed cable

Feeding cable for models AR, Optima und NRV
Herringbone flueing

Feed cable

Feed cable for the combined exhaust gas fans

Feed cable

Feed cable for the Thermoline MS model range

Feed cable

For other application cases, maximum cable lengths with a maximum voltage drop of 4% over the entire length of the cable must be calculated using the following formulas: