Conservation of value

Have you installed a hall heater from Kübler many years ago? If yes, we would like to thank you. You had taken a forward-looking decision and invested in a system that is more than just a secure investment. Kübler heaters are designed for an average service life of more than 15 years and we are sure that your heater does not give you any reason to think about investing in a new one even today. If you are thinking about it, a probable reason could be that your system no longer operates reliably or the gas consumption is too high. Or, you are not yet aware of the following:

You can upgrade your old Kübler systems easily, cost-effectively and quickly and almost make them compatible with the latest technological advancements. This will certainly help you in delaying by a few years your decision to invest in a new costly heating system. Our system experts will check the key factors jointly with you.


Certain components of a heating system, for example temperature sensors, may age. The consequences are quite evident. Inaccuracy of a mere 1 °C in the temperature display means a 6% increase in energy consumption.

Economical gas consumption is often only a matter of correct adjustment. Have your system checked every year. From the economic point of view, maintaining your heating systems regularly makes sense. Many reasons vouch for this:
  • Reliable availability of your system during the cold season
  • Consistently efficient operation
  • Manageable fixed prices instead of incalculable high costs in the case of malfunctions
  • Extended service life
  • Assured guarantee periods

Kübler provides a series of lucrative maintenance models that can be customised according to your needs flexibly and cost-effectively. Incidentally: we also have models for your third-party devices. At the end of the day, you will realise that regular maintenance of your heating systems does not mean additional costs. It is rather a profitability factor that can pay off even in the forthcoming heating period.

Control unit

Modern control systems not only offer considerably more comfort for the heater control unit, but also ensure considerably increased and measurable efficiency. The age of your heating system does not matter. Learn about the possibilities provided by R.O.S.S.Y, the resource optimising control system from Kübler.

On the one hand, the resource optimising control system provides numerous advantages to customers. On the other hand, it forms the basis for new and modern services such as remote maintenance. The intelligent, self-learning and modular system is more than a match for conventional technologies. It not only facilitates comfortable control of heating systems, but also considerably reduces the costs of energy, maintenance and spare parts. When compared with conventional systems, up to 70 percent of costs can be saved over the service life of Kübler systems.

Due to its extensive functionality, operating comfort and measurable contribution towards a more economic operation of hall heaters, R.O.S.S.Y was awarded the 2004 innovation prize of the Federal Ministry of Economics. In the meantime, R.O.S.S.Y has been installed in approximately 95% of the infrared heaters from Kübler.

Conversion kit

Heating systems from Kübler have been designed for simple maintenance conditions. All components such as burners, pipes, turbulators, etc. can be accessed and replaced easily. This is practical since it can cost-effectively enhance the functioning and efficiency of your system. Our service experts will check the possibilities of a replacement together with you. Incidentally: The largest part of your system and existing medium pipes are retained when doing so.

Guarantee for spare parts

Unusual in the industry: For all devices sold until now, Kübler provides a guarantee for spare parts even if they are older than 15 years.