All systems function really well. Kübler heating systems are practically designed to be fail-safe. Nevertheless, considering the rising cost pressure due to increasing energy prices, maintenance is the topic that always throws up new challenges. One must always keep in mind that certain components of a heating system, for example temperature sensors, may age. The consequences are quite evident. Inaccuracy of a mere 1 °C in the temperature display means a 6% increase in energy consumption. From the profitability point of view, maintaining your heating systems regularly makes sense. Many reasons vouch for this:

  • Reliable availability of your system during the cold season
  • Consistently efficient operation
  • Manageable fixed prices instead of incalculable high costs in the case of malfunctions
  • Extended service life
  • Assured guarantee periods

Kübler provides a series of lucrative maintenance models that can be customised according to your needs flexibly and cost-effectively. Incidentally: we also have models for your third-party devices. At the end of the day, you will realise that regular maintenance of your heating systems does not mean additional costs. It is rather a profitability factor that can pay off even in this heating period.