General information

Installation in conformity with DIN EN 416, DIN EN 777-1 to DIN EN 777-4, DVGW (German Association of Gas and Water Specialists) VP 118

Exhaust gas routing systems are available as individual and combined systems. Different roof ducts are used for exhaust gas systems. The resulting diameters are di, da and dd (see the table and the drawing).

The sealing sleeves are conically designed. The following roof pitches are available:
0 - 8°, 6 - 14° and 12 - 20°.

The responsible district heating inspector must be informed about the construction project. All parts of the exhaust gas system have been certified with the device as a system in conformity with EN 416-1 and 777-1 to 777-4 and DVGW (German Association of Gas and Water Specialists) worksheet VP 118. Kübler exhaust gas systems have high durability due to the selection of high-quality materials.


Terminal, mm100150200
diFlue pipe100150200
ddRoof opening225275325
 type of cowl170220270