Round-Robin test

From innovation to standard

In a Round-Robin test (European ring test) by the European standardisation committee CENTC 180, RayLab first proved that the requirements of a measurement system as regards the repeatability and reproducibility for measuring the radiation efficiency are met. The test showed that a convincing and reliable measuring method has been established using RayLab.

In this test, several measuring methods were used for measurement and were also tested as regards their repetition precision and their reproducibility under the same circumstances. The greater the frequency of these values being equal or similar, more accurate is the respective method. This is determined in a statistical procedure. Two equivalent measuring series are usually sent in advance, which have been carried out at different locations by different persons.

RayLab has been included in the new EN standards 416-2 and 419-2 as method B.

Therefore, research work was carried out for the standard and has contributed to a decisive module for the development of more efficient and pollutant-minimising generations of heaters. In an important development stage of the infrared technology, German know-how is setting standards in Europe.