The completely automatic system for measuring radiation efficiency

With the development of RayLab, a measuring system which determines the infrared capacities of industrial heaters reliably and reproducibly is available all over the world for the first time. The entire process is completely automatic and is completed in about 1.5 h. This eliminates risks of errors due to manual measurement and saves the long time required (approximately 2 man days). Reliable and comparative information about the efficiency of the infrared systems can now be provided for the first time by measuring the infrared component: because, the greater the radiation efficiency, greater are the energy savings.


The compact complete system measures the radiation efficiency over a defined surface (measuring surface) at a distance of 10 cm under the heater. For this, measuring points within a grid of 10 cm are approached, infrared radiation is measured, the measured values are integrated over the entire measuring surface and finally set with reference to the energy used. As well as the infrared radiation, other values such as temperature or humidity in the measuring room are also recorded and evaluated during this process.


The portable compact system can be used universally for all infrared reflectors in the market (from 10 kW dark radiators up to 300 kW recirculation heaters, bright radiators and multiple burner systems). It is an important instrument for the manufacturers and makes it easier for them to compare rival products and their capacity.

Reducing emissions and saving energy
408 MW of heating energy (rooms with a height of upwards of 4 m) is used by installed dark radiators in Germany per year – approximately 10% of the total heating energy in the field of industrial halls. Systems with optimised radiation efficiency save more than 2 million tons of CO2 emissions per year in the infrared field alone (standard infrared systems in comparison with high-performance infrared systems from Kübler). With regard to the total heating energy, the saving potential is 40 million tons CO2 p. a., if conventional devices are replaced with modern resource-saving infrared technology. The figures show the significance of the radiation efficiency for evaluating energy consumption and CO2 emissions and clarify the saving potentials that could already be realised today. The prerequisite is fulfilled with the option for measuring the radiation efficiency.


  • RayLab is a portable compact system and can be universally used in all infrared heaters in the market.
  • RayLab does not have any special requirements for the measuring room. An even ground and an appropriate room are the only requirements for measurement; additional investments are not necessary.
  • RayLab is completely automatic and has a high measuring accuracy. Reproducibility and repetition accuracy attain a quality that was previously unknown.


Kübler GmbH has introduced the newly developed RayLab system in European standardisation and is currently the most reliable option for conducting measurements according to the new EN standards 416-2 and 419-2. Its system evaluation according to the radiation efficiency covers enormous saving potentials in energy consumption as well in CO2 emissions.

The system will become mandatory for all European test institutes when the EN standards come into effect. It is also an important test instrument for manufacturers of infrared heaters: in order to ensure adherence to these standards by the individual systems and/or to compare rival products.