Gone are the times when hall heaters were used only for heating. In view of the global markets, new competitive situations and cost reductions, there is hardly an investment which is not strictly measured on the profitability factors. This is applicable to hall heaters as well. The 100% increase in the price for natural gas alone - and that in only 10 years – is a reason for this. Another definite consequence of the Kyoto protocol. The building passport or the guideline DIN V 18599 do not only place significantly increased requirements on the energy efficiency of technology and buildings: they also influence the building value considerably. In England, investments in modern heating systems with an infrared component of more than 50% have tax benefits.

The trend is clear. If you acquire or modernise large room heaters for the future years, the glance at the purchase costs is too short-sighted. In particular, the operational costs come into focus for the mass of the room to be heated. Just imagine: Over an estimated life cycle of 15 years, industrial heaters produce energy costs of 6 to 20 times their purchase costs. This makes systems interesting that are reliable for the entire life cycle: as regards the degree of efficiency as well as the maintenance and repair costs. As regards the availability as well the ease of use.

The large room heaters from Kübler are available for this purpose. The system solutions that have been developed and installed for many different hall types and rooms reflect our love for details. They also reflect our efforts to provide sustainability. Over their entire life cycle, our solutions use only 20 to 50% of the energy as compared with conventional systems. Their price is completely paid off within a short period of time. Thus, our products always set new trends – even for the laws of tomorrow.

Our objective is to provide useful innovations. We invest a lot for this. With innovative products and system solutions, we provide added value. For our customers with long-lasting and cost-saving technologies and services. For our environment with solutions that reduce the CO2 emissions by up to 70%. Because we want you to profit from heating solutions that fulfil the requirements of the time more effectively, easily and economically. This is our idea of intelligent heat.