Das Prinzip InfrarotThomas Kübler
Infrarot-Heizungstechnik für Großräume (Infrared heating technology for large rooms)
Vulkan Publications
ISBN 3-8027-3505-6
€ 39.88

Infrared heaters are one of the preferred technologies when the objective is to heat large rooms easily, quickly, conveniently and economically. For example, an energy comparative analysis of an industrial hall in Rhine-Neckar built in the Middle Ages shows that switching over to infrared heat saves as much energy cost every year as that spent by 51 one-family houses annually. Moreover, dark radiators in heating mode generate a pleasant and draught-free room climate that prevents fatigue and has a positive effect on persons suffering from allergies. And last but not least, use of infrared heaters has made project planning considerably easier.

This book provides an overview to all those who are assigned the task of heating large rooms and are in search of concrete aids for their planning and design. At the same time, this book also provides detailed study and reference material for courses of studies. A work which deals with physical basics and laws, design, functioning and modes of operations, particularly measuring methods for radiation efficiency without neglecting the practical application in doing so.