Radiation efficiency

New standard for efficiency

For gas-operated infrared emitters, the radiation efficiency or the infrared part will also be applicable as an assessment criterion for dark radiators in the future in addition to the Gas Devices Directive (90/396/EEC) that prescribes a rational utilisation of energy. In the future, the radiation efficiency specified in DIN EN 416-2 will be decisive and not the firing degree of efficiency.

The trend has now become clear following legislative changes in England whereby devices with a radiation efficiency of more than 50% have tax advantages. Furthermore, from the manufacturers’ point of view, it will become important in Europe in the future to assess devices according to the radiation efficiency for reasons of competition in the market. The problem to date has been that there were no reasonably priced measuring devices available in the market which could carry out measurements according to these standards quickly and reliably. Because radiation heat saves considerable amount of energy as compared with conventional heating systems. The result: greater radiation efficiency leads to greater energy savings.

The measuring system

Kübler has initiated the discussion regarding the infrared component and thus the radiation efficiency for a decisive assessment criterion for the quality of modern heating technologies.