Kübler has primarily contributed to making infrared technology ready to go into mass production. Today, the company with its headquarters in Ludwigshafen is one of the leading providers of the latest infrared heating systems in Europe. The technologies developed by Kübler are tried-and-tested solutions. Not least because the important standards and regulations have been fulfilled by the involvement of Kübler in all relevant industrial associations and standardisation committees.
  • As a member of FIGAWA (Bundesvereinigung der Firmen im Gas- und Wasserfach e.V.) (Federal Association of the Water and Gas Industries Companies): Responsible structuring of the ZIV work sheet 904 (national regulation for acceptance and measurement of dark radiators for chimney sweepers), cooperation standard, editing of the ZIV work sheet G 638 II (national regulation for the installation of dark radiators)
  • As a member of the national standardisation committee Gas of DIN/DVGW (national mirror committee of the European standardisation): Holder of the German mandate in the European standardisation committee, cooperation in the national and European standardisation of gas devices
  • As a member of the European standardisation committee CEN/TC 180 WG 5, headquarters at BSI in London: Development of the European product standards for radiation heaters 416 1-2 and 419 1-2, DIN EN 777 1-3 and DIN EN 1259 1-3
  • As an initiator of the founding of the Dark Radiators Industrial Association in order to group the interests of the manufacturers of dark radiators
  • In 2005, the German measuring method B (RayLab) developed by Kübler was accepted as a European standard