Acceptance and certificates

System certification

Infrared heaters from Kübler (with single, double and combined exhaust gas routing) have a system certificate according to DIN EN 416-1 (gas equipment for heat emitters – dark radiator with a burner with fan for commercial and industrial use), DIN EN 777 part 1 to part 4 (gas equipment for heat emitters – dark radiator systems with several burners and fans for commercial and industrial use) and according to DVGW VP 118 (certification of dark radiator systems). Accordingly, all parts of the plant (infrared device, exhaust gas system, combined exhaust gas fan and roof and wall duct) and components of the system are jointly certified with the equipment. They fulfil the legal regulations of also being able to be operated in Eastern Europe.

Certification according to the VP 118 quality standard

In addition, all the specified Kübler systems have been being tested and certified according to the DVGW rule VP 118 (September 1999) since July 2001. This test also takes into account an ambient air-independent operation of the systems. The combustion air can be supplied and the exhaust gas can be discharged through the wall (gas device type C12), through the roof (gas device type C32) as well as via the various pressure areas (wall / roof) (gas device type C52).

Certificate system D


Certificate system E


Certificate system H


Certificates downloads

You can download our certificates here.