Kübler history

1989 Thomas Kübler founded Kübler Industriehandel GmbH, Gesellschaft für Hallenheizungssysteme in Ludwigshafen.
1990 The progress in the East was a motivation: Kübler Anlagenbau GmbH entered the market in Dresden. The objective: further specialisation and expansion of the production location.
1990 Founding of Kübler Produktions- und Montage GmbH, headquarters Ludwigshafen
1991 Thomas Kübler became the first businessman to set up a company in Saxony.
1991 A branch was opened in Hungary.
1992 The new production facility was started in Dresden.
1992 Founding of Kübler Vertriebszentrum GmbH, headquarters Ludwigshafen
1993 Development and introduction of the Thermoline MS type series in the market
1993 The development of the Optima high-performance series started.
1994 The branch in Ludwigshafen was expanded and an independent sales organisation was founded.
1995  Construction for additional storage space of 1000 m² was started in Ludwigshafen.
1996 The three companies based in Ludwigshafen were merged into Kübler GmbH.
March 1996 The Optima type series was introduced at the Intherm 96 trade fair in Stuttgart.
May 1996 The Optima type series was chosen as the "Industrial heater of the year" in England.
1996 The production of Optima CKD and the expansion of the manufacturing hall were initiated in Ludwigshafen.
1996 Development and expansion of the company in Hungary.
1997  Patent application for the energy saving control unit from Kübler, later called R.O.S.S.Y
1998 Entry into the business area of heat contracting.
1998 Development and introduction of the Thermoline KS type series in the market.
2000 Expansion of the sales building in Ludwigshafen.
2001 Founding of a subsidiary in the Czech Republic.

Introduction of the employee participation system, patent application for the new agrarian burner casing.

2003 The resource-optimising control system R.O.S.S.Y was presented at the ISH trade fair in Frankfurt for the first time.
2003 Presentation of the patented agrarian burner at the IPM trade fair in Essen.
2004  Patent application for the AGRARNOX burner head.
2004 Changeover from the ERP system to SAP.
2004 R.O.S.S.Y was awarded the innovation prize by the Federal Ministry of Economics.
2005 Awarded "Company of the year 2004" in Ludwigshafen.
2006 Awarded the Bavarian State Prize.

Kübler GmbH was nominated as one of the finalists for the “Grand Prize for medium-sized businesses” for special entrepreneurial services.


Extension of premises by 6.400 m²

2008 We are among the TOP 100 – i.e. the 100 most innovative medium-sized companies in Germany. Kübler is awarded in all 5 categories, in 2 categories Kübler ranks even as high as sixth.

Kübler is awarded the Oskar-Patzelt-Trust’s “Grand Prize for Medium-sized Companies 2008” – probably the most important prize for medium-sized companies in Germany


Kübler receives the “Innovation Prize Rheinland-Pfalz 2008” from the Ministry for Economics in Rheinland-Pfalz


The Kübler “smithy” is dedicated, including new training facilities and a staff lounge


Market launch of O.P.U.S.x, the innovative waste heat exchanger for infra-red heating systems. Market launch of H.Y.B.R.I.D., the most efficient heating concept ever designed by Kübler. H.Y.B.R.I.D. sets a new benchmark for economic and up-to-date space heating.